Saturday, 22 November 2014

Football-Themed Party Ideas by Birthday Express

Football-Themed Party Ideas by Birthday Express
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Birthday Express Football Party Supplies

We're in the middle of football season, so there's no better time to throw a football-themed party for your child's birthday! Your guests will get a kick out of your decorations, party food and activities. With the help of football party supplies from Birthday Express, you can score the winning touchdown at your next party. 

Food & Drink Ideas - The possibilities for party food are endless and you don't have to spend hours in the kitchen. Just serve all of your child's favorite party treats. Set out buckets of chips, popcorn, and pretzels. Or choose single-serve bags for even more ease. Make mini sandwiches as the main course or order pizza. For beverages, you can choose single-serve bottles and cans, or use economical large bottles. You can serve drinks in fun football cups from Birthday Express. For the ultimate cake, consider a football-shaped confection. Your party guests will love it.

Party Activities - Kids can have lots of fun with a football pinata. Instead of playing hot potato, play hot football! Ask kids to stand in a circle and pass around a football as music plays. When the music stops, the child holding the football is out. Continue until there's only one child left - the winner! If the weather's warm enough, try an outdoor game. Have an adult hold up two hoola hoops, and kids take turns throwing a soft football through them. Whoever scores the most goals wins!

Party Decor - There are endless ways to bring football to the table. At Birthday Express, you can find football themed napkinsplates, and cups with fun graphics. Decorate with a personalized banner and set the table with a football centerpiece. To bring your child's favorite team to the party, select solid-colored napkins, plates and cups in the team's colors. 

Football Game Time Party in a Box - Deluxe - 16 Guests

Football Pinata

Football Fun Personalized Photo Banner

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Ericdress Best Black Friday Deals

Hello Beauties,
November is all about increasing your shopping trips and getting ready for the winter. Brands, online and in-store helps you out here by hosting lots of sales and bringing out new trends at the same time. If you are lucky and quick, you have high chances of grabbing the best deals. 
To all you shopping addicts and fashion lovers out there, this post is just to help you further. I do hope you find what you looking for and have fun while at it. 
Black Friday deals/sales are hosted by multiple sites at this time of the year. And among them, one site that is really doing well in promotions is ERICDRESS ).

Ericdress has one of the Best Black Friday deals lasting for a period of one whole month! 
November 1 - November 30. This is cool right?.  Here's a lowdown on their Black Friday Sales.
  • The deals are divided into 4 stages (Nov.1- 9, Nov.10-16, Nov. 17-23, Nov. 24-30) to help customers choose the best products for each category. 
*Nov.1-Nov. 9 had discounts up to 85% for all Fashion Clothing.
*Nov. 10-Nov. 16 has 80% off for all special occasion dresses, wedding dresses and fashion clothing.
* Nov. 17- Nov. 23 All accessories and fashion clothing 85% off plus Free Shipping over 99.9$.
*Nov. 23-Nov. 30 Whole Site = Up to 80% off + Extra 10$ off over 109$ + Free Shipping over 129$.

I am sharing some products from Nov.17-Nov. 23 deals. They have discounts on fashion clothing and accessories and I feel this is the best deal to stock up on your winter clothing. Trench coats, elegant blazers, boots etc are on my wishlist this winter and Ericdress has a lot of discounts on these categories. What do think of these choices?

USD $33.79 
 (Available in Brown and Black Colors)

USD  $25.09
(Available in six colors)

USD $22.99

USD $26.09

And to complement these outfit, here are some awesome shoes which I love and plus they are at heavy discounts :).

USD $61. 39

USD $61.09
USD $48.49

USD $54.89

Okay ladies, these are some of the discounted products for the next few days. Be sure to check during Nov. 24- Nov. 30 because there are many deals and awesome products on huge discounts. Happy Shopping!


Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Hair A do From Wigsbuy

Hello Beauties,
One of  the things on my wishlists (I have tons by the way) right now is to have gorgeous, long, lustrous, shiny, wavy kind of hair. I have always had long hair but they are naturally less in quantity and straight. I don't know if what people say is true that those who have straight hair want to have curly hair and those who have curly hair want to have super straight hair. Yes, that is what comes up in conversation sometimes among girlfriends or when some ladies are in a group. Okay, whatever it is, I like to keep my hair straight and at occasions curl them to have a different look. But I assure you and I do know am right at this point, a long, lustrous, shiny and beach waves kind of hairstyle  gives off a 'glamorous' and 'a star' kind of look. Well, not to fret if you don't have that kind of hair or running out of time to run to the salon or do it yourself at home. 
You know how some people or mostly celebrities have these different hairstyles for every red carpet event and how they look super good with those to-die-for hairdos. They are lucky to have the money and professionals to make them their best from tip to toe. Lets be frank here, a small part of us, sometimes want their fabulous lifestyles. Ah!. But no reason here to be down, life as we know it is super fabulous too and Normal Rocks!. 
Okay, am running off topic here for today's post, which is on a site that sells Wigs online - . I received a mail to review their site and wow! the kind of products and huge inventory they have on all kinds of wigs are simply amazing. I saw some youtube videos and advertisements of some sites that sell wigs. They did not have a lot of variety and were kind of high budget. Am not really a huge fan of wigs but seeing the ones sold on Wigsbuy (especially JLo kind of hair) I am looking forward to trying one. 
Getting to know about Wigsbuy at this point is a bonus, with the holiday season coming and the shopping everyone will be doing. You can put 'wigs' on your list this time because the ones sold here are at unbelievable prices. And graciously enough, Wigsbuy has a huge sale going on for Christmas 2014. Some examples of these sales are like - Christmas wigs sales, lace wigs sales, clip in hair extension sales etc. 

5 Reasons why you should choose Wigsbuy.
  1. Cost - Discounted rates, good quality at budget friendly prices. Wigs available for under $100. 
  2. Ease of Use - The products come with detailed instructions on how to use and wear them. You don't have to be a pro.
  3. Best quality - All wigs are made from the best quality fibre called Kanekalon. It is flame-retardant and comes in a variety of styles and textures, It can be styled even more times than Human Hair.
  4. Variety Variety - I think this is one of the top features of this site. Name a style or color you want and you got it here. Yes, just massive stock of different wigs. 
  5. New Look - That is right, get a new look each time you wear a wig. Suitable for any occasion of your choice.
Here's a peep into some of the wigs available at Wigsbuy.

Hot Sale Top Quality Amazing Long Wavy Purple Wig for Cosplay

Excellent Selena Gomez Wavy Hairstyle

  Charming Custom Bob Straight Glueless Full Lace Wig

Smooth Elegant Natural Ventilate Long Loose Wavy Full Lace Wig 

 Graceful Attractive Simple Long Curly Glueless Lace Front Wig 

Beautiful Soft Glamourous Long Loose Wavy Glueless Lace Front 

Sexy Beyonce's100% Remy Human Hair Long Straight Brown Celebrity Lace Wig

Thank you for visiting

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Keepsake Scrolls Plus Savings Code

Keepsake Scrolls from Birthday Express - Great Gift Idea!

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links

We're always looking for new ways to commemorate the birth of a child and celebrate a birthday. One beautiful way is with Keepsake Scrolls from Birthday Express. Personalized for the recipient, a scroll makes a great memento for yourself, your child, or someone special to you. 

Each Keepsake Scroll features the top events, movies, music, trends, and more that happened on the day a child was born. Personalization includes: child's name, birthdate, and birth stats (time, height, weight, city, and state). Keepsake Scrolls are available in two sizes: 11"x14" (with or without a frame) and 7"x9" (without a frame), which is perfect for a baby book. 
With over 60 different designs available, you can also choose from themes such as Trains, Football, Disney Princesses, and many more. Keepsake Scrolls are available for purchase for as little as $.89, up to $11.99. Check out a few of our favorite designs below!

Disney Princess Keepsake Scroll
Only $1.89

Football Keepsake Scroll
Only $7.99

Baby Einstein Keepsake Scroll
Only $1.89

Buyer's Picks Party Supplies - 50% OFF
Birthday Express has a ton of party supplies, favors and decor that are 50% off with coupon code SAVE50! This is a great time for you to stock up on party items or find little stocking stuffers for the kids. 

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Layering for Winter with ModCloth

When I was asked to put togeher a key l ayering look for Winter with ModCloth  I just couldn't resist but put together a few of my favourite pieces. Here's my chosen look:   Click through on the image to see the full break down of my look on...

{ADVICE} 7 Key Pieces For Your Wardrobe At Any Age

DEAR ANDI, I love your style advice so I thought I would ask you a question. I am 54 years old and always wonder what is style appropriate for my age? I am a professional abstract artist and always have functions to attend. I always second guess what...

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

New Holiday Arrivals Tea Collection

Hello Beauties,
Today's post is for the little wonders - Kids. I simply love the trendy fashion that is coming up in kid's wear. I so wish I can start buying them and stock up on clothes for my future kids! haha.. I am so happy for all you fantastic moms out there. It must be a joy and fun experience to shop for these little people clothing. They are just so cute and melt your heart.
I have previously shared some posts about the products from Tea Collection .
Every product is so cute and always on top of my wishlist! The good news is Tea Collection has some more awesome new styles in stock for the holiday season. With winter coming, the team at Tea Collection has added new styles for girls and boys to stay warm and stylish at same time. Kids usually make a fuss wearing bulky winter clothes but the ones from Tea will win their hearts and make them love the season so much more. I am looking forward to the holiday season which we celebrate by meeting friends, relatives and lots of family dinners :). It is also a time where we usually catch up on the latest news like who is doing what and pampering our little nieces and nephews with sweets and gifts. I would love to buy all the products from Tea Collection and give to my lil cousins. I know it would make them happy and that would be fantastic!.
Let the pictures speak for themselves ladies! Some few favorites are shared below. 

 **This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Awesome collection of Formal Dresses from

Hello Beauties,
What is your favorite color? Personally, I love all the bright colors like yellow, red, pink, white etc. These colors are warm, fun and makes me feel joyful. So, when I buy clothes or any other stuffs like household items too, my eyes are always attracted to these colors. If you visit my place, you will find that I have a lot of stuffs that are mostly red, pink, yellow etc. And again, my wardrobe has like multiple whites or reds. I decided that I should stop buying the same colors of clothes but what can I honestly do, I get instantly drawn to all these colors, sigh!.
But today’s post is not just on my or yours favorite color but on these awesome collection of formal dress from If you want to stand out at a special event, if you want to be the star, or maybe if you just simply want to dress well, then FormalDressAustralia is the place for you. Based in Australia, the site is solely dedicated to formal wear and is highly dedicated to meeting every need of the customer. A site such as this which specializes only one product, that is formal dresses would ensure that the customer will find any kind of style she wishes.
There are different dresses available at the site which are designed in unique ways, given the best attention to details and of the top quality. The range of formal dresses are just varied and huge, beginning from vintage to classic and modern designs. Customers can also choose from evening gown, ballroom gown, prom dresses and also in multiple colors like red, blue, black, green, purple and white.
Like the question I asked at the beginning on what is your favourite color, people might have different color choices. Taking this into consideration, FormalDressAustralia have successfully filled their site with different colors of formal wears so that each customer can choose her preferred color and everyone is happy and satisfied J.

I am choosing to share in today’s post, Blue Formal Dresses from their site. The color blue is said to reduce stress, creating a sense of calmness, relaxation and order - we certainly feel a sense of calm if we lie on our backs and look into a bright blue cloudless sky. You are in luck today if you are choosing to wear this confident color at the special event. has a cool collection of blue dresses that are ranging from a soft baby blue cocktail dress to a stunning cobalt blue formal evening dress. So, dear ladies, choose one blue dress today and step out confident!